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Plamen Staikov

Global Executive Director MVS at IBM 

Leader with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Head of numerous programs related to global business transformations and innovations. Creator and sponsor of the Bulgarian branch of "Academy of Technology" at IBM. Founder and sponsor of the "IBM Sofia Accelerator Program". Creator and leader of several academies, programs and business groups for knowledge sharing and skills development, including University Relations@IBM, Women@IBM, Runners@IBM.

Business leader, IT specialist, software engineer, as well as an information technology and leadership educator, certified Lego Serious Play mentor, global consultant, quantum computer enthusiast and AI specialist. Winner of multiple international corporate awards for innovations and achievements in the field of high technologies, education and commitment. Among these awards are TSIA Star Awards, Stevie Awards, etc.  


Tatjana Christelbauer

President & Founder of the Austrian-based International Association ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy 

ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy 

Art educator, professional artist and cultural mediator, public relations manager engaged in research and practice on the nexus of arts_science_sustainable development policy. More information

Former employee as a pedagogue, trainer & consultant for intercultural education, Children Rights, Gender & Diversity at the Lower Austrian Government (1992-2020)

Currently engaged with blind high school students and teachers as art educator within ERASMUS+ projects. More information


Marie Norberg

Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant


Marie Norberg studied sociology, family therapy, Gestalt psychology in Organisations, system theory, change processes, and Organisational and system development. For several years she did research in psychosocial work environments which deepened her interest in Management and leadership and their importance for creative, healthy organizations.

She has combined her experiences into a pragmatic, dynamic, and process-oriented way of working with managers and organizations. After a period of running Gestalt-oriented consultancy and leadership development programs, she 1997 founded the company she still runs today. She works with leadership development, Management team facilitation, senior Executive coaching, and team building.

Always present in her work has been her interest in culture, both inside an organization and intercultural.


Dr. Gerhard Westermayer

Leading Expert in Organizational Health Management & Organizational Consultant

Gesellschaft für Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung. Berlin

Dr. Gerhard Westermayer has been working as a scientist since the beginning of BGF GmbH and regularly publishes new findings and views in the field of occupational health. 

The Society for Occupational Health Promotion (BGF GmbH) was founded in 1994 in order to be active as a privately organized company in the areas of occupational health management (BGM). Since then, BGF GmbH has been advising and supporting companies in all sectors with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of WHM (Health Management) systems.


Bella Zhnag

Organizational Consultant

Arts-Based Facilitator & Creative Wellness Coach

Artful Banyan Tree

Working as an organizational consultant, Bella has a strong passion for bringing empowerment and transformational changes in organizations through art and creativity. She believes we all have the creative power within us, by actively nurturing innovation skills through experiential learning, we open up new possibilities to think and do things differently.

Bella has a master’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Business psychology. She is also a certified Expressive Arts Facilitator, a certified yoga instructor, and a mindfulness practitioner for over 16 years. 

In her work with individuals and groups, she always incorporates an interdisciplinary approach combining scientific theories with creative practices in order to make the learning experience more fun, interactive, and engaging. She has previously applied arts-based methodologies in various projects to foster learning & development, cross-cultural communication, resilience building as well as health and well-being promotion at the workplace. By living and working in different countries (China, the UK, Germany, and Sweden), she has developed intercultural sensitivity and competencies that allow her to create an open and inclusive space for continuous learning and growth!

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